Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hello world!!

Today we moved into our new theatre and it was both exhausting and exciting! Cameisha (Heather Duke) and I decided to wake up at the crack of dawn to get donuts and then drove (a very long time, as we live far away) to the new theatre!

Let me tell you - it was extremely exciting to drive up to the theatre. The building just FEELS new. It's being shared with a dance company and a late night talk show, but we get to be the first show performed in it. EVER. I just think that is so cool. Cameisha and I got there early (#foreverearly) so we kind of explored a little on our own, as much as we could while not knowing where the light switches were. The space is just beautiful. I can't wait until the lobby is actually full of people and there is an audience sitting in the chairs (on the risers we set up today, just saying).

The space was definitely smaller than I expected it to be. But I guess maybe I shouldn't have had expectations of it being too big since it is a blackbox. It will definitely be interesting moving into this space and putting the show in there. Going from the basement of a church to the actual space will help immensely, I"m sure - and I'm certainly glad that we have so many rehearsals in the actual theatre. Sight lines are definitely going to be a challenge for me. The stage is set up as a triangle shape, so you have to make sure that all sides are being talked to, even the people in the very corner! I just gotta keep reminding myself of that.

But needless to say - we are very excited. I'm looking forward to this next week of being in the Marcelle and polishing this show even further! This is not an event to be missed folks, and tickets are ON SALE NOW! Go to to get tickets TODAY!

(fun fact, Colin is hiding a donut in this picture)

Hope to see you in the halls of Westerberg!


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